I Believe in Canada — Happy Thanksgiving

It is not often that I post the same writer two posts in a row, but Richard Bott’s poem I believe in Canada is the perfect canticle for Canadian Thanksgiving. This is also his photograph. The colors at the bottom designate political parties in the upcoming elections. 


I believe in Canada.
A community of communities
made up of a myriad
of peoples.
I believe in Canada.
Resource workers,
office workers,
labourers and health care professionals,
teachers and preachers,
parents and grands,
farmers and fishers and
people who do work
that I would *never* begin to understand.
I believe in Canada.
Niqab, hijab,
jacket or jeans,
jingle dress, crop top,
whatever it means;
business casual,
or as wild as you can be…
it’s the person inside
that I want to greet.
And I know that that person
is my neighbour.
I know that that person
is friend. Not foe.
I know because…
I believe that a little bit of all of our work
goes a long way to share with those in need –
children, adults, seniors, whoever –
universal health care,
breakfast programs,
an umbrella of hope.
I believe that Truth and Reconciliation
is not just a slogan,
but a promise to build and live
in right relationship
with the First Nations and the First Peoples
from sea, to sea, to frozen sea.
I believe that we are people
who know how to open our doors
(and leave them unlocked)
how to invite others to our tables
(and make them family)
whatever and whoever they are.
I believe in Canada.
So I will protest when I need to.
I will challenge those
we’ve called to be our leaders.
I will work, in cooperation,
for the betterment
not only of all people,
but for all the inhabitants
of earth, air and sea.
And I will exercise my right
and my responsibility –
Orange or Green, Red, Blue or Bloc,
partied or independent…
and make my mark
on this nation.
Because I believe in Canada.

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One Response to I Believe in Canada — Happy Thanksgiving

  1. rezrevres says:

    You speak for many with your poem, Richard. Thank you.

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