Sock It to Me Sunday

red-sockOK sometimes I cannot resist. I know that I have been sharing quite a bit from Canada recently, but Matthew Stevens description of “Sock it to Me Sunday” just struck me as so simple and silly and lovely, that I needed to share it. Of course, I don’t serve a church that in any sense is pastor-abusive!

In our Madbury United Church of Christ we will do this in January when the snow falls that there is not enough laughter. I imagine we will add — throwing socks at the choir, at the Christian Educators … it may develop a little.

Here are Matthew’s words and what follows is his opening liturgy.athletic_crew_socks_clip_art_18246Adult-Daffodil-medium

Over the years I’ve found that people are even more generous when they can have a bit of fun along the way. “Sock-It-To-Me-Sunday” is a good example of that principle, and simply by giving folks an opportunity to fling rolled-up socks at the minister, our local “Inn of The Good Shepherd” hostel winds up with piles of new socks for distribution to their clients.

St. Paul’s United Church In our 125th Anniversary year
October 25th, 2015 Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost

My Friends: Are you having one of those mornings when someone has already pushed all of your buttons? Did Matthew say something in last week’s service that still has you ticked? Well then, today is your day, when in good fun we “Sock-It-To-The-Minister” for the warmth of others.img-thing

Words of Greeting and Welcome:  (Responsive)
We come together for worship this morning
full of humour in our hearts.
We come together for worship this morning
ready to have some fun.
We come together for worship
knowing that in playfulness there is great healing
We come together for worship appreciating
that our laughter is a sound pleasing to your ear.
We come together with our brothers and sisters in Christ,
joyfully worshipping you our Creator.
We come together, certain that in the warm embrace
of family laughter we’ll find wholeness.
imagesHymn:       “Give To Us Laughter” _- #624 Voices United Hymnary

Our Gathering Prayer:   (Unison Prayer)socks_jpg

Creator, we’re glad that church can be a place where things that under any other set of circumstances might seem eccentric, are regarded as simply another form of worship. Doubtless, there are those who’d regard “Sock-it-to-me-Sunday” as a bit weird, and so we pray that you’ll grant those folks a healing restoration of their sense of humour.

In this time we intentionally share together with you, may we find the courage to continue facing all of life with a ready sense of humour. Infuse us with the joy of a generous disposition, the rejuvenating pleasure of a peaceful attitude, and the positive empowerment of a cheerful spirit. AMEN

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4 Responses to Sock It to Me Sunday

  1. sugruerm says:

    Hey, this is great, thanks – I’ll make use of it some time. If following up with a family social or youth group activity sockballs make excellent fun. As a Junior Boys Brigade leader (many moons ago) our team had a large supply of (washed) old socks rolled and stitched into balls – many games evolved eg throwing at targets (into circles at skittles etc) but mostly throwing at each other, a hit below the knee meant that person was out, but able to join the biffers on the outside of the defined area.

  2. rezrevres says:

    Glad to have offered something fun, that will no doubt work just as effectively with local variations for a whole host of worthy causes all round the globe. It would be great to hear about some of the local variations folks come up with, but in every instance have lots of fun.

  3. Maren says:

    Matthew, Hope you see the variations from New Zealand above!

  4. Maren says:

    Rosalie, Have fun with this and I’ve just got a new word “biffers”! Churches are full of biffers on the sidelines!

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