Seed Packet

Dee Ledger of Maryland takes us to another place.

Seed Packet

This I know.
I’m a lousy gardener.
If I would have seen Jesus in the garden
I would have flung the trowel at him
saying, “Here, plant these your damn self.”
I am so done with grief.
How can you rise so blithely
without your friends?
Do you have any idea how guiltily Peter
gulped down his soup that night?
Martha had another of her fits
and we won’t even talk about Judas.
What the hell happened there?
You called us friends
and I believed you.
I saw the soldiers pierce you
With their cruelty
But you tore our hearts.
Plant the seeds yourself
And when the smallest of seedlings rises,
call me.
I’ll be waiting in the shade of that cave,sp1764
the one you just vacated with Elijah
picking dirt from my nails.


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5 Responses to Seed Packet

  1. Todd says:

    “Here, plant these your damn self.”
    I am so done with grief.


  2. Dee Ledger, what a terrific poem!!! And Maren, you’ve gotten Dee to turn her intense, and necessary grief into something green and growing for us all. Dee, keep this up, not since Ann Sexton have I read such fine poetry about faith as struggle and doubt as faith.

  3. ggwill says:

    Wonderful! Should save for use in the spring.

    …we are called to rise. Emily Dickinson

  4. Lisa Stedman says:

    Yes! I also loved this one!Read it aloud to Jo the other day…It’ll be great in early April, just after Easter when spring is really starting to go!! THanks,L Rev. Lisa W. Stedman Pastor and Teacher First Congregational Church of Reading United Church of Christ Reading, Massachusetts Office: 781-944-0205 ext. 11 Cell: 978-314-4265

    What do you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?  – Mary Oliver From: GG To: Sent: Monday, November 2, 2015 9:03 AM Subject: Re: [New post] Seed Packet Wonderful!  Should save for use in the spring. …we are called to rise. Emily Dickinson     

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