The witch on my Face Book page

I upload a new profile photo,witch
spell-bound by Eliza’s cell phone
at the clergy Bible study.

(Now that’s Halloween scary —
really reading the Bible.)

I admit I do not expect
the negative posts
about witches and Satanism

(which did not, however,
accrue to me JK Rowling’s money).

Claiming to be Christian
someone objects to my symbol —
pointed hat with glued on
long gray hair,

and I think – if I could call back
the harm done
by self-proclaimed,
self-proshamed Christians

to women
whose infamy was only
that they were old and wise
and unprotected,
and maybe they knew
how to heal people … or swim,

I would gladly wear midnight
all the year long,
and dance under the moonlight
with the One I recognize

because every once in a while
some old and bent-over
woman or man
suddenly stands up straight,
praises God, and is criticized
by religious folks.

(My thanks to Terry Pratchett, who lost his courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease this year, for the title of his wonderful YA book about witches “I shall Wear Midnight”)

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11 Responses to The witch on my Face Book page

  1. Pam spain says:

    Beautiful! Happy Halloween!👻

  2. How insecure some Christians seem that the miracles of Jesus have to be defended against a woman in a Halloween costume.

  3. To thy detractors, Maren, I proclaim The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Lighten Up.

  4. sugruerm says:

    “Embracing pagan rites”! said the volunteer barman at our retirement village, eyeing my pointed hat with its striped grey and black hair extensions. He knows I am preacher (and was only having a joke). “Ah,” I replied, “We witches dare celebrate tonight along with all misunderstood things, and we dare celebrate on the holy morrow for, as everyone knows, goodness overcomes evil.”

  5. Maren says:

    Amen, Rosalie! Do you have a photo of yourself?? And Dwight, that will now always be an 11th commandment for me!

  6. Anne Cohen says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Amen.

  7. Gail Orlando says:

    Love your hat/hair! Nothing wrong with having a bit of fun.

  8. Linda Cetrulo says:

    I think you look adorable – the sweetest witch I’ve seen.

    Linda CO

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