Harvest Prayer for worship, for a meal, or for a large group or interfaith gathering

Todd Jenkins originally wrote this as Prayer Before the Meal for the Middle Tennessee Presbytery Peacemakers Banquet October 29, 2015, but it has manyj other uses … and I just love to thing of our “spicing” God. to read more of Todd’s words and see more of his photographs, go here.

Plowing God, we are sore in need of your clod-busting. For all the ways you break apart the rigid surface of our comfort and security, turning us under and into the fertile mixture of creation’s humus, so that we might find our existential purpose, we sing to you our alleluias.
Hear our prayer, O plowing God!

Planting God, we are eternally grateful to have been created in your image, imprinted with holy DNA. For the mystery and miracle of agriculture, both literal and metaphorical, as we are sunk into the places for which you created us, allowing us to bear fruit worthy of your name, we weave our thanksgiving.
Hear our prayer, O planting God!

Watering God, we are parched by the distractions and detours we have experienced in the wilderness of fear and the deserts of our own choosing. For the flow of life-giving water that quenches thirst of body, mind, and spirit, we pour our gratitude.
Hear our prayer, O watering God!

Warming God, without the BTUs of your infinite compassion, we would be frozen solid, completely incapable of life, much less of reflecting your light. For the ways you shine hope into the shadows of our lives and world, we give you thanks.
Hear our prayer, O warming God!

Weeding God, we are easily choked by the vine of material possessions, convinced of our blessedness and quick to hide and hoard. For the tug of your love, uprooting all that separates us from your nurturing presence, we lift our hearts in praise.
Hear our prayer, O weeding God!

Gathering God, we are blessed to count ourselves among your gatherings. Like a harvest tended all season, pruned and prepared for just such a time as this, brought together with one another to celebrate your gracious gifts, we bring the joy of your gift to the table.
Hear our prayer, O gathering God!

Spicing God, we are amazed at the ways you blend myriad portions of your creation into savory dishes. For the ways you surprise us with subtle mixtures and pairings we’d never imagine on our own, with enough of your sacred abundance to satisfy the world’s hunger at every level, we rejoice in your recipes.
Hear our prayer, O spicing God!

Simmering God, we are in constant need of your culinary fire. For your steady heat, softening hearts and minds to see the unifying nature of our holy purpose, gently stirring us so we don’t stick and burn, we waft the steam of our acquiescence.
Hear our prayer, O simmering God!

Serving God, we continually need reminding to turn and look outward. For the rhythmic cadence of your call to share your shalom, be your peace, and live your salam, we lift our overflowing hearts.
Hear our prayer, O serving God! Amen.

zServing God

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