This is my Christmas cup of coffee

Yes, it is in a red cup
and I like it rather strong
so I can make it very sweet and light
and I want to sip it slowly
because today someone is willing
to listen to me,
and hear any loneliness,
any grief, any sorrow.

The star shines in kind eyes,
not really in either
the brand name of the store,
(though I smile)
or the words of a story,
told out in pageant, sermon,
or so-called live nativity.

And the stable is this coffee shop –
for it always happens
in some latte or manger
where no one ever expects
something holy to be born.

There are so many people2015-red-cup-brewed-coffee-1
watching over their laptops by night,
and, while my friend listens to me,
I eavesdrop
on all their angels.

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3 Responses to This is my Christmas cup of coffee

  1. Thanks for this, pre-seasonal overdrive, booster cuppa-

  2. Elizabeth Nordquist says:

    Thanks so much for this blessed and gentle gift.

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