For those who mourn in France

A few words, in sadness from the faith of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

But we do not want you ignorant, my friends,
about those who went out to dinner
on a Friday night,
or to a heavy metal concert,
or to watch a soccer game.

None of these expected to die
to have their hope snatched away,
because they were playing
because they were making a Sabbath
with family and friends.

We would not have you grieve, my friends,
as those do who have no hope,

but we do want you to remember
and the next time
you lift a glass to a friend,
cheer for a goal,
sway to the music of a band you love —

feel how precious that life is
and honor the lives
of those who died in France,

knowing this — Jesus died and rose again
and God will gather each of these
to sit down at the table,
share the laughter of angels,
and win the joy of eternal life.

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6 Responses to For those who mourn in France

  1. Thanks for these words, Maren, and especially for the linking with the salutation from Thessalonians. Somehow, though, I have to say straight out, dinner with angels does not begin to replace dinner with friends in a favorite neighborhood cafe. And eternal joy is slighly dull, as church is dull, compared with the bone-deep joy of the moment when the band plays the song your soul responds to fully, now, not just with angel sweetness but with earthy lusts and satisfactions. I can’t imagine anything that could replace a rich,warm end-of-the-week evening in Paris. There is no Amen I can say here, now. And everything I know is likely to be affected by this– including our elections. War looms. Angels, if flying, are wrapped in darkness now.

    • Maren says:

      True, Nancy. This text from the funeral service is for those who mourn their particular loved ones — not a sermonic reflection or a statement about issues.These are words of condolence.

  2. Thanks for this comfort, Maren.. And thanks for the reminder to make each moment sacred. And thanks for a way to remember and honor those who lost all in this tragedy.

  3. Elaine Bolitho says:

    Thank you Maren,

    I sat down at the computer with a heavy heart to write an new and appropriate way to start today’s worship (in 2 hours time!) and you gifted this to me – thank you Maren, thank you Lord and prayers for the people of France.


    Elaine E Bolitho


    Council of Wellington Churches

    PO Box 3549 Wellington 6140

    Home Phone (04) 479-5352

  4. Nicolette Wellington says:

    Thank you Maren.

    Nicolette Wellington

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