Boots on the ground

For every boot on the ground
there is a foot
some Mama tickled,
there is a foot that kicked
a soccer ball into the goal,

there are toes tight
in rented shoes that go
with the wedding tuxedo
or working up a blister
in the high heels
that went perfectly
with the blue prom dress
and were later kicked off
on the beach.

Boots on the ground
are not new game pieces
in some stratego game of politics
and media-spin,
they are somebody’s walking
into the future.

You who make plans for war —
first take off your own shoes:
you are standing
on holy ground.

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6 Responses to Boots on the ground

  1. Pam says:

    Heartbreakingly beautiful!

  2. rezrevres says:

    Spot on!! Having once upon a time had my feet in a pair of those “boots on the ground”, you’ve captured the essence of the situation. Well done!!

  3. says:

    Amen…Ellie Kraner

  4. Beautiful poem. And it made me pause & consider that moms and dads also know this when they support their own children venturing into war. Imagine that…

  5. Maren says:

    I am not sure anyone ever thinks their child will die, their child will be so damaged by PTSD that living is never the same.

  6. This one is a home run, Maren. At the Dem debate, a moderator asked Hillary about sending in troops and prefaced the question with a request a woman had given her, to please ask Hillary not to refer to ‘boots on the ground’ because he son was more than a pair of boots.

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