Advent Song from Aotearoa / New Zealand in response to hatred and violence

canstock16219611As we turn to Advent in a year when there is fear and fear that changes into hatred so easily I am glad to share a song that Philip Garside wrote last January for Advent and shared with me in August — I’ve been waiting for this.

Here are Philip’s words and his generous offer for all of us to sing his song.

Here is a song that I wrote at the start of this year in response to the hatred and violence we see all around the world. My starting point was the Advent message from the angels, “Fear not, for I bring you good news of great joy.” I intend the words “Come and dance with us, sing with us,” to uplift us and help us to soar above the world’s troubles. “Help us bring alive God’s kingdom on earth today.” brings us back to earth, with work to do.

The music setting shows two sets of guitar chords. The song works well with one guitar playing root position chords and the other with a capo on fret 5 playing the chords in brackets.

Dance With Us

When you are troubled,
have no fear, have no fear.
Christ has a message
we want to share:
Come and dance with us,
sing with us,
walk along our way.
Help us bring alive God’s kingdom
on earth today.

Leave behind hatred,
turn away, seek the light.
Love one another
no need to fight:
Hear one another,
loving care, kindness shared.
Hearts and hands open,
world in our care:

Words and music:
Philip Garside
10 January 2015

(You may copy and sing this song freely, with acknowledgement.)


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