O Come, O Come, Emmanuel – Stewardship of the Earth Version


November 30, 2o15 — O Antiphon Lifted Up for the United Nations 2015 Climate Summit, which begins today



O come, O come, Emmanuel,
be tender with the world in which we dwell.
there’s hunger, heartbreak, war’s sharp sword,
and all your children hunger for a Word.

Give hope, give change
and help us understand –
your birth puts earth within our caring hands.

O come, O Dayspring, lead us to repair
the poisoned oceans, rain-forests we share.
The waters from deep aq-uifers,
are drying up or bitter as our tears.

O come, Desire, more true than power or wealth –
three-fifty is the limit for our health –
the carbon mono-xide kills.
Let leaders from all nations hear our bells.

O come, O Shoot of Jesse’s peaceful realm —
the wolf’s endangered and it can’t lie down.
Extinction, all things hurts and destroys,
and only children know the path to joy.

O come, O Wisdom, teach us little ways –
recycle, bike, fair trade, no lights ablaze,
our showers shorten, canvas bags re-use
our Christmas excess, gently to refuse.

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3 Responses to O Come, O Come, Emmanuel – Stewardship of the Earth Version

  1. marge Dahle says:

    Love grows where the soul has been planted in good soil.
    The very soil from which sprung forth the root of Jesse
    The soil from which all blessing flows.
    Joy, Peace and Love.


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