O Antiphon for World AIDS DAY





Tuesday, December 1, 2015 … World AIDS Day 

O You, who have no immunity,
no immunity to anything human —
come for the time to act is now,
and Bethlehem is wherever
people suffer from AIDS.

Bethlehem is manger –
south of the Sahara.

Bethlehem is shepherds –
work not done
by active, producing young people,

Bethlehem is the song of angels —
breathed so thinly
through HIV acquired tuberculosis.

Bethlehem is mary after mary –
women of reproductive age,
for this is the way that most of them die.

It is real — it is no pageant,
but there are so many children.

O You, who chose deficiency,
so long ago,
who chose all of our deficiencies —
come for the time to act is now. Amen.

  • “The time to act is now” is the 2015 theme for World AIDS Day
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