Reflection on Isaiah 40 for San Bernardino

Comfort O comfort, my people
speak tenderly to San Bernardino
as to Colorado Springs

as to so many places,
saying that there can be an end
to the gun violence.

In this country that glorifies
this wild-westerness wilderness
that turns away
from straight talking,
prepare the way for God.

Every restriction to gun purchase
should be lifted up
and the second amendment
should be brought down.

The culture of independence
and revenge,
of vigilante and rogue cop,
of arming school teachers
and admiring movies
about super heroes and renegades
should be made plain.

But first we will cry out,
for the fragile lost lives
blown away like the dry grass
of California —

fourteen people
whose banquet has ended,
whose lives are cut short,
whose families
need the words of God
that we seem to be repeating
again and again and again —
Comfort, O comfort.

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4 Responses to Reflection on Isaiah 40 for San Bernardino

  1. revelinor says:

    Thank you, Maren, for your brave but comforting words.

  2. dee says:

    Hi Maren,
    This is wonderful and I would like to use this as part of our Advent candle lighting (now revised for Sunday). Would that be okay, as long as I give attribution?

  3. Maren says:

    Yes, of course. Please use the version that is on the blog now (I left out one line when I first posted it). Sometimes when I respond to things, I am … hmmmm … a wee bit hasty and very spelling challenged!

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