Tuesday, December 15, 2015 … O antiphon for Face Book

O God of the holy book
and so many faces,

come to the pastor
with kids decorating
her orthopedic boot,
the woman who visits
Dory, her bulldog with a tumor
at Angell Memorial Hospital,
the grandson thanked
for setting up an old, old crèche,
and come to
his grandmother.

Come to the photographer
of flamingo feathers,
to those who ask
for understanding
for hidden chronic illnesses,
one young woman
offering to dye her hair blue
if kids collect pennies,
and several homes
with bright trimmed trees.

Come to everyone
who sang “this land is your land”
(because that’s the line
of this song that matters)
in the New York Times tag
of the Trump demonstration.
and come to the woman and the dog
in the snow on Lake Tahoe
and a couple I married
so very long ago
selfied at the cliffs of Moher.

Come to the person who asks
“Is anyone on the Seacoast
looking for a rooster?”

Come to anyone
who hears the cock crow
or the angels sing,
anyone who shares a timeline,
public as a stable,
or comments
kind as some innkeeper’s wife
on the posts of others.Trump protest

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3 Responses to Tuesday, December 15, 2015 … O antiphon for Face Book

  1. Nice. And even though I also embrace posts that are not always kind; and even though I am not looking for a rooster; I am looking for another poem as wonderful as this.

  2. Pam Spain says:

    You are so awesome! You lifted up the theme of loving kindness so beautifully in our every day lives!

  3. Maren says:

    There is a world of poetry in the simple posts people make and, yes, Dwight, a world of the presumably” safe” expression of anger or ugliness.

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