Tuesday, December 22, 2015 … O antiphon for the winter solstice

Come, O Darkness
after the angels put out the stars,
Come, baby who cried …
to those who have left
not just the church
but even the mall-version
of this holiday far behind.

Come on the really slow polar local
to those who don’t think
they’ve ever heard the bell.

Come to those who roll over,
put pillows over their heads,
when the ghost of Christmas past,
or even Tiny Tim,
comes to visit.

Come to those who went to pee,
when Linus told everyone else
the meaning of Christmas.

Come to those with hearts
two sizes too small
because of all the terrible things
that happened to them –
some in the name of religion.

Come to those who go beyond SAD
to feeling like camel shit.

Come and remind them
that when Mary was really cold,
she kicked the frankincense
as a flashy gift
but ultimately useless,

and then saw it –
“Look what the magi left!
I can start a fire with
what fell behind the caravan’s feet.

Sometimes that’s the only way
to warm a child of God.”

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1 Response to Tuesday, December 22, 2015 … O antiphon for the winter solstice

  1. Linda Cetrulo says:

    I love how you nail the essence of things…with beautiful and gritty images. Because let’s face it, right, we live in a gritty beautiful reality. Your poems to me are like welcoming arms embracing all of us. Thank you.

    Linda CO

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