Emptying — Christmastide Poem from South Africa

Isobel Degruchy is a remarkable writer and artist from South Africa.The camelthorn image is from her recent book  Between Heaven and Earth Poems, Prayers, Pictures.

My Christmas poem for this year.

We claim, “The Lord’s my shepherd,47 Camelthorm Tree 2
I’ll not want”,
that God supplies our every need, and yet
we cling to what is offered by the world
by way of comfort and of ease.
We clutch at its security,
and try to raise our status when we can –
project an image to impress
all those who matter in our eyes –
even the image of a model Christian.
We hold on tightly to our possessions,
our position and our pleasures,
while still claiming that we follow Christ.

So we acclaim Christ’s birth today,Between Heaven and Earth
his coming as a human to our world.
Do we forget he had equality with God,
but did not cling to that –
emptied himself, became a nobody?
He gave up everything except his love
and his resolve to bring us to a place
where we could see just what we were.
He freed us from ourselves,
so we could become
who we were meant to be.


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2 Responses to Emptying — Christmastide Poem from South Africa

  1. A great reminder of the meaning of the incarnation and what we can learn about ourselves through the example of Christ. Thanks for sharing.

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