I’ll keep it there, epiphany reflection

The glass magi is separated
from the other figures of the crèche —
as magi always are
by time and by their origin
as strangers,
perhaps language, a head cloth,
deep wrinkles around the eyes
from looking so long into the desert
and searching the sky for a star.

And perhaps by loneliness —
no one really wants
to go home another way.

The glass magi stands alone
except for an aloe plant
and a small bowl with bulbs of garlic
on the window sill
above the sink,
above the dirty dishes.

It reminds me the journey
out of this season
will not be about fearing
some elf on the shelf
who watches me and adds up
all the good and the bad
in my life,
and my worthiness for gifts,

but rather some place to look
all the year long
when I need to remember
to be wise,
and trust that I am the one
who is the giver

to this precious
and most vulnerable child,
as ordinary as
a bowl to be broken.

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4 Responses to I’ll keep it there, epiphany reflection

  1. Very nice Epiphany reflection!

  2. Jerrie Mtney says:

    Beautiful.- am using in my Epiphany bulletin, if that’s OK.

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