Some prayers from Volmoed, Hermanus, South Africa



I share here some prayers from the newly revised Volmoed Retreat Centre prayer book sent to me by Isobel Degruchy. You will find the introduction and then some selected prayers for Mondays when the theme is creation. Those who have an “earth day” celebration in the spring,may wish to use these in worship at that time.  At the end is a Prayer for Africa, which is prayed each day with the Prayer of our Savior and the Volmoed Prayer. 

Volmoed Morning Prayers – 2016 Introduction:

This Worship Book is newly compiled in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Volmoed Retreat and Conference Centre in April, 1986. At the heart of the Centre, holding it all together and keeping it centred in the Lord and on track to fulfilling God’s purpose, is the gathering of the community in prayer. 

Each day we bring current concerns to God as well as listen for God’s word, under the structure of the orders of worship in our Worship Book, concentrating on a different theme each day.

Unless otherwise indicated the prayers were composed by Isobel de Gruchy.

The community meets for worship every morning Monday to Friday 10 – 10:30am.
We invite guests and visitors to join us.

Some prayers on the theme of creation

God Almighty, we praise you as
creator of all that is –
from the vast expanses of space
to the inner workings of each cell,
from the dazzling beauty of a sunset
to the smile of a tiny baby,
from the big bang to the evolution of us human beings.
You also give us beauty, love and joy.
We praise you and give you thanks.
May the whole earth acknowledge you as creator
and worship you as Lord. Amen

Lord, the beauty of your creation surrounds us,
the folded mountains, the valleys of fynbos, vines and wheat,
the restless river tumbling over rocks and waterfalls,
the sea, pounding the shores, ebbing and flowing,
the forests, the desserts, the veld.
You made the birds and animals that call the earth home,
and us human beings in all our diversity.
These all proclaim your glory, they show your bounty,
and we join with them in giving you thanks and praise.
May your name be exalted forever and ever.
God of glory, grace and goodness. Amen


Lord God, our creator,
we live so often as though the earth belongs to us
and exists solely for our use.
We exploit and destroy what you have made,
leaving devastation for generations to come.
Forgive our blindness, greed and selfishness.
Open our eyes to see what we are doing.
Help us to care for each other
and for the whole of creation,
so that we may leave an earth
that reflects your glory. Amen

God of all goodness and mercy,
we come before you as a people
and as individuals to confess our sins.
We have not been good stewards
of the earth our home.
We have used it for our gain and pleasure
without thinking of the consequences,
leaving pollution and destruction in our wake.
Forgive us Lord and help us to change.
Help us to love and care for the earth
as a gift from you,

A Prayer for Africa (said every day)

God bless Africa
Protect our children
Transform our leaders
Heal our communities
And give us peace
For Jesus Christ’s sake, Amen.

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  1. dee says:

    Thank you! wonderful!

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