Lenten reflection — prodigal addresses pig

February 15, 2016

You are home and that’s
what makes your meal a feast
while I,
who for legendary
generations will be forever
known as your envier,

say this – it’s not
husks I long to chew —
hungry, hungry, hungry
as I am,

but your being where
you belong.

“Come to your senses,”
snort you,
my fine porcine interrogator

(I am asking the advice
of barnyard animals …
how close to a break-down am I?)

Senses of smell, then taste,
nothing spiritual,
after all you are a pig, but …

your sharing a meal with mepig_in_mud
is famous
for turning my heart around,
and then my feet.

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One Response to Lenten reflection — prodigal addresses pig

  1. The last lines — how meals break down the distance and the judgment that lies between us- my friend in NYC, married to a secular Jew, says often that food laws exist to keep us apart, to keep us from knowing one another, to prevent love.

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