February 17 – Strategy (Luke 15: 11-32)

I want to do just the right thing –
not chase my child
helicopter-parent style
into the faraway freedom,
the chosen risks,
sure though I am that there will be
so much broken heart,

and not just sit there
on my front porch
frown on my face, arms crossed,
illusion of shotgun —
but not really,
letting him or her see me watching
every step of the perp walk.

I’m searching for happy medium here —
not intervention, not tough love.

How about … out the door
the minute there’s road dust,
grabbing the sneakers, cell phone,
favorite Red Sox cap
I put on the hall table
that first day
the bedroom was empty?

I’ve been in training for this
(do I look like I would sign up
for a regular 5K?)

I addressed them long ago.

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4 Responses to February 17 – Strategy (Luke 15: 11-32)

  1. sugruerm says:

    Today I found out I will be preaching in the biggest church of our parish on March 6 and I’m so pleased as I will be able to refresh one of our best known stories with your gifts

  2. Maren says:

    That’s wonderful!!!

  3. The heartache in this – it’s part of all loves, all family – the strategizing, the worry in that and the way to take steps forward – thank you.

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