Lenten Reflection — party companions

Look this one who was lost is found;
this one who was dead is alive.

Registered sex offender.
Heroin addict.

Someone’s ex-spouse.
The oldest meanest dog in the shelter.

The retired businesswomen
who never had time for her children.
The pastor with three counts
of sexual misconduct.
The CNA who punished
the rude old man
by letting him sit in shit.

Look, this one who was lost is found,
this one who was dead is alive.

The man who sold imaginary condos
that were actually a swamp,
and laughed about it.
The therapist who told stories
about clients.
The triage nurse who forgot
and the patient in room D bled out.

An AA sponsor who was tired
and somebody jumped.
The cop who fired a weapon,
because it looked like…
maybe it was …
The person texting
behind the wheel
and no one else survived.

Look, this one who was lost is found,
this one who was dead is alive.

Come and join us –
there is music and dancing.

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4 Responses to Lenten Reflection — party companions

  1. Powerful. The images – each one registers. BY the end, though, It was a huge table full. Thanks to Jesus, who only asked us to sit down and eat with one, known scandalous sinner, at least at a time. Who knows, though, we might leave that table refreshed by the company of someone who no longer has anything to hide.

  2. Lovely sentiment. Truly. But as the father of a six year old daughter who was killed by a distracted, drug-impaired driver there has been no music and dancing. And the one who was dead is dead. And the one who killed her lives on to dance and enjoy the music.

  3. Maren says:

    And that is exactly why I think this parable should be really shocking and unlovely … we too often put ourselves in the prodigal hoes and not really in the elder siblings!

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