Lenten reflection – The after party

February 22, 2016

The prodigal has long since
gone to sleep –
too much wine,
too many dusty miles,
too much surprise,
and looking for that safe, safe bed.

The three of us sit —
me, my old sweetheart, dozing,
wrung dry by emotion,
and my first born –
steady as a rock,
and with about as much to say.

How many nights
have we sat
just like this after supper –
talking over the day,
the weather,
what field to work tomorrow?

How do I say I’m sorry?

I clear my throat,
“We should have more parties.”
He shrugs.

I look around at the mess,
and I know who will clean it up.
“I haven’t laughed like that
in such a long time –
and I do not mean just
at you trying
to do the chicken dance.”
He gives me a small smile.

“Next time, we’ll invite your friends.”
I look over
at this undemanding child of mine,
the stay-at-homer.

I see tears – not quite falling,
but his eyes shine.

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2 Responses to Lenten reflection – The after party

  1. Oh, there are tears in my eyes now, reading this, and thinking of your family, and knowing this is not autobiographical – I remember some terrific parties – and yet somehow, for everyone, it is our story. In every home there are those questions, whose feelings reign here, and whose friends come over often.

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