Lenten reflection — I’d like a church – make mine a double

February 23, 2016

I know a church
that only embraces prodigals –
tech industry nones
or folks who live in their cars,
those who identify gender non-conforming,
formerly incarcerated,
in recovery, post-evangelical,
lapsed, doubters or inked.

I know a church
that only celebrates long-timers,
the ones who CROP walk,
or teach Sunday School,
the ones who are life-deacons,
chaperone mission trips,
shovel snow,
visit nursing homes,
get wax out of
Christmas morning carpet.

What I want is —
a church like
the completely dysfunctional family
Jesus told in this story –
with the designated lover
always out on the road
to welcome in or argue back —
someone staggering from
a hit-and-run,
someone stuck in their ruts.

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5 Responses to Lenten reflection — I’d like a church – make mine a double

  1. Ingrid says:

    Hello Maren,I’m changing emails and still want to receive "Gifts

  2. This one’s a gem. Why is it so hard to imagine a church where they all are welcome?

  3. sugruerm says:

    You have said it is Ok for me to change the odd word that would be odd to my congregations. Trusting you don’t mind ‘favorite Red Sox cap’ becoming ‘favourite All Black beanie’ – but please give me some clues on ‘tech nones’ and ‘CROP walk’!

  4. Maren Tirabassi says:

    Rosalie, “nones’ is the term for young people who have never been to a church — they reply “none” on the polls. In the high tech industry particularly on the Pacific rim of the US are many young adults who do not relate to church and who are longing for community. Many churches deeply desire these folks to be in their midst. CROP walk is the (actually the oldest “walk” in the world) is the hunger walk in the US and many church folks have been walking in CROP walks since world war 2. Does that help?

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