Peace Warriors training in Gweru

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I’m always glad to share Lance Muteyo’s peacemaking work across Africa (and beyond — such as his time in the Ukraine) and glad to know of his and Christine’s opportunity at home in Zimbabwe. I share his letter and photosand a list of people for all of us to include in our prayers … and ask us all how we can be “grandaunts” in the work of peace for the sake of all the children of the world.

Good day Peace warriors

I was delighted last week to travel 300km to Gweru from Harare in Zimbabwe; the 3rd largest city in the country to conduct a CT training for pastors of different denominations. I was working with Philip Mudzidzi who had organised this event and invited me. I had last worked with Philip in 2013 in Kamwaura Kenya. Philip and I are graduates of the TCTT 2013 organised by Daniel Buttry. It’s always good to work together with a fellow grandaunt and/ or student.

Over these years I have seeing and trusted the beauty of co facilitation as I have learnt a lot from Daniel Buttry as his co facilitator
I was privileged to have worked with fellow grandaunts from Kenya TCTT 2013 like Charles Nzungu (Zimbabwe) , Philip Mudzidzi (Zimbabwe) Philip Kakungulu (Uganda), Boaz Kiebarak (Kenya), Wangu Mureithi (Kenya), Wilson Gathungu (Kenya) ; Nigeria TCTT 2014 grandaunts like Michelline Boateng (Ghana), Gideon Washington (Liberia), Isaac Zulu (Zambia) , Gibson Biemba (Zambia), Prudence Kawama (Zambia), Aaron Chinjulika (Zambia) , Georgina Neuso (Zimbabwe); Ukraine TCTT 2015 grandaunt Christina Muteyo (Zimbabwe) who is my wife and mission partner.

It is very important for all the Dan Buttry’s TCTT grandaunts to always work together and give each other support. I am looking forward to working with other TCTTs grandaunts like Alsyya Bennet, Chris Perkins (both USA), Keti Murusidze (Georgia) and Jimmy Diggs (Liberia).

Lance Muteyo

PAN AFRICAN PEACE NETWORK (PAP-NET) is an inter faith, African
networking organizational forum founded by both young and old Africans in Africa and in dispersion.
PAP NET is a conflict transformation initiative of today’s African
leaders. We work in three areas; training of conflict transformation
trainers and mediation, social action empowerment, and advocacy for non-violent conflict transformation.

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