Lenten reflection — Morning light

February 26, 2016

She wakes late the next morning,
her head still spinning,
and her face stretched sore,
from all that smiling
at the neighbors, one after another,
“So glad to have you home.”

She looks around –
it’s shabbier than she remembers,
but then they gave her
all that money,
half of everything they had –
glad, they said,
to put it into her dream.

With what they had left
they couldn’t
do much around here.

The light from the window
shines on her grandmother’s ring.
She knows her sister
always had a eye on that ring.

Sometime last night
after the dancing, barbecue,
(and did her mom really
set up that cupcake tower,

pink sprinkles, like a christening
or back to her quinceanera?)

she threw the new dress
over a chair
kicked both the shoes
across the room
and took a long hot shower.

Coming home
was one long walk of shame,
admitting she’s powerless
over just about
felt like hitting bottom,

but waking up in her old room
she knows every parable
has a day-after,
and that walk
has quite a few more steps.

Making amends
is probably the hardest.

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2 Responses to Lenten reflection — Morning light

  1. Last preposition of fourth stanza, on? This old retired English teacher enjoys reading poetry aloud. Otherwise she would not have noticed. She loves your writing so very much!

  2. Maren says:

    Fixed it! Thank you.

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