Church and Jesus the Extremist — Two Guest Posts

I am honored to share two posts from good friends. Todd Jenkins writes about church, in a way that stretches my commitment to true welcome. To read more of Todd’s writing go to his blog Tuesday’s Muse here.

Next is Stephen Price, who writes powerfully from the parable of the Prodigal appearing this week in the Revised Common Lectionary … and so much more. Stephen blogs at Uncommon Baptist Pastor here

Church of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia, Photo-Ashley Goad

Church of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia, Photo-Ashley Goad


I cannot and will not
be church unless I
first see church.

No one will know church
until we learn how
to show church.

We cannot have church
as noun until we have
been church as verb.

Church is not an act
of gathering, but
an impetus for sending.

It’s not a people,

much less a steeple,
but a living,
breathing manifestation
of Christ in action.

© 2016 Todd Jenkins

Jesus Was An Extremist … Stephen Price

Jesus was an extremist
Insisting that in God’s Kingdom,
the one we’re to pray comes here on earth;
that prodigals get robes and sandals
lepers get healed
and both get to go home.
That the frightened lost sheep
on rocky ledges or under concrete overpass
get sought for and found.
That the hungry get fed,
and no one on that green, green grass
is asked about their status
as loaves and fishes are handed out.
That the prisoner is freed
in Gitmo as in Galilee and Pelican Bay.
His extremism gave sight to the blind
lifted the crippled to his feet
stopped the bleeding preexisting condition
all without asking about their insurance.
That the poor got to hear the good news
that their lives
and the lives of their twelve year old
and the lead levels in their drinking water
They Matter.
Jesus said They Matter.
Every crippled, diseased, homeless, abandoned, bedraggled
dragging themselves home in shame
one of them.
Because Jesus was an extremist.

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