Cried and Prejudice and Zombies

March 5, 2016 

Well, the first of the living dead
to lurch into the story
is the father,
because that’s what you are
in that culture and legal system –
dead –
if you divide up your property
and give it away.

And maybe that’s what any parent,
or many a parent, feels
stumbling dazed away
from knowing
that a child wants to leave.

There is also that crazy hunger —
eating some new brains
just might fill
the really empty place.

And then at the turns of the story,
both in the road,
(if you know the genre,
that’s always where they appear)

there they are – two children –
the one who cried
and the one so full of prejudice,
both needing to understand
that, contrary to

common sense or just deserts,
appropriate behavior,
the scientific law about
opposite and equal reactions,
merit badges, loyalty programs,
family systems,
or, well … justice —

when the dead is alive,

it’s a party,
not a zombie apocalypse.

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One Response to Cried and Prejudice and Zombies

  1. Interesting contrasts – especially with the zombies.And I guess that was who the son thought he was in the pig fields.

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