And the servant says

March 7, 2016 (yes, still Luke 15:11-32)

And the servant says,
“what this family owns 
even after half of it is wasted,
is more than I will see
if I live a hundred years.

And so I carry
the message that one child,
won’t come in to share
the festivities,

and I serve as an example
for the other child
of the well-being available
in this family.

Sure, that one volunteers to be
one of us hired hands
with bread enough to eat
and some to spare,
enough to drink and wear,

as if it were the most dramatic
of sacrifices.”

And the servant says,
“You mean you are willing
to be degraded
to my ordinary, everyday life –
having just enough,
on somebody else’s sufferance
and generosity –

not because I have the right
to have it as my own.

I think these two,
the runaway and the smug-at-home
have some more to learn
about the rest of us.”

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2 Responses to And the servant says

  1. This series has struck right to my heart and also added greatly to my theological thinking. Thank you Maren!

  2. This one’s a masterpiece, a wonderful reflection, and for those of us who’ve been glued to Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey, which ended last night, there’s an extra layer of reflection. Thanks, thanks, for this entire series!

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