I want another story

March 9, 2016

Rembrant, Return of the Prodigal Son

Rembrant, Return of the Prodigal Son

I want another story …
And the world has moved on
from my grief,
from the birth or the marriage,
from the divorce,
the empty nest, the move
to assisted living.

They’ve sent flowers or notes
helped me move,
come to the service and
signed the guest book,
sent the funny retirement card.

They moved on from
my sobriety,
now that I’m just making meetings.
While the diagnosis
shocked them a week ago,
going to radiation
isn’t really tweet-worthy.

Does she sleep through the night?
they ask, but don’t wait
for an answer.
Are you unpacked?
Are you ready to date again?

How’s your son …
thank God for Narcan, huh?

And of course the sermon
is over –
we don’t have that parable
for three more years.

I want another story –
a different story every week,
something exciting and new.

(I hear that somebody somewhere
is letting down her hair.)

It is so much easier to sing –
I love to tell the story,
than to live into our stories
all the way
till the last lost is found.

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4 Responses to I want another story

  1. Cheryl Hoffman says:

    This came as I was reading the prodigal story myself and thinking about you digging in, every day, looking for the details, the bits we overlook. What patience and persistence you are showing….. and they win the prize, always.

    Thank you.

    Cheryl Hoffman website: ridingatwickwoodfarm.weebly.com

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you, Cheryl. We will see as I have another week and a half — less Thursdays and Sundays — it has been a remarkable process. And I think it is one understood on a deep level by your tradition, with the reading and re-reading and reflecting on passages.

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