Two guest posts from Aotearoa/ New Zealand for “Good” Friday

Two very different writers, connected by their home country are writing about the Friday on which we recall the resurrection.

Beverley Osborn, of Stewart Island writes “Easter Friday”

Today it’s Easter Friday.
There are those who call it
Black Friday,
But that doesn’t fit today.
I know my Christian history;
I know that today we remember
the cruel death of Jesus,
who was condemned because
he spoke truth
healed the sick,
fed the hungry,
brought hope,
lived love.
But today doesn’t match
a horror story.
The sun shines in a blue, blue sky,
the air is mellow
and it’s SO quiet!
Not an empty negative quiet
but one pulsing with the promise
of something wonderful about to burst into life.
It feels like the world is on tip-toe —-
waiting in eager expectation
for the victory of love.
Today is Good Friday.

Erice Fairbrother of Tauranga simply calls her poem “Friday”

It’s not everyone’s call
To be witnesses to murder

Screen and film
Making it up, painless

For a time playing

At a device
Near you near me

Like Good Friday
Our imaginings

Like selfies
Snapping old guilts

Never witnessed
Shown to friends

On a good day
In gardens

And other places
Of chance, ventured

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4 Responses to Two guest posts from Aotearoa/ New Zealand for “Good” Friday

  1. Rev. Cleo says:

    Compelling, thank you!

  2. sugruerm says:

    Evocative pictures, well done my friends! It occurs to me that while the mainstream Western world mindlessly stuffs itself with chocolate and crossed buns in anticipation of the Easter Holidays those who take Lent seriously open themselves to an outpouring of creativity.

  3. Maren says:

    Yes, when we are our best selves.

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