Mary’s favorite parable

March 12, 2016

It was Mary’s favorite parable.
She was always a dreamer,
never a prodigal –

living large and loose
out there on the edge of things.

Even Martha made
wild and crazy new recipes,
and she got right up in Jesus’ face
when their brother died.

And the Magdalene?
She was the kind of risk-taker,
rabbi-lover, traveler, witness,
out-of-line woman,
who comes from deep healing.

But Mary reflected she was –
narratively-speaking —
classic older sibling material,
and being commended
as “best listener,”
was code for boring.

Prodigals had memories
when they grew old
and sat under the vine and fig tree.
They had stories to tell.

Prodigals got so much wine
at their weddings,
a person couldn’t find water
to wash her hands.

Prodigals had seven big demons,
and didn’t just stand
for four days
crying in the road.

It was Mary’s favorite parable —
she had listened
to Jesus tell it many times.
And so now she stood there —
one hand on the jar
one feeling for the leather knot
tying up her hair.

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2 Responses to Mary’s favorite parable

  1. Maren says:

    slightly different take on Mary of Bethany than your blog post, but both fun!

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