Easter pews

Lilium_longiflorum_(Easter_Lily)March 12, 2016


Are we ready for the Easter prodigals,
the church runaways
sitting right next to the righteous –
potluck, mission trip, prayer shawl siblings,
the deaconopledgers?

After all, we have wasted
money, energy and discernment
on hospitality programs

(with hardly a small coffee hour
for a longtime soprano,
with unintentional tremolo,
a three-term moderator
who quit to take care of his mother,
a volunteer lawn mower
going off to college).

Extravagant welcome, Beer and Bible,
church twitter feed,
intergenerational worship,
lots of rainbows
have made us ready for anyone,
no matter where they are on the journey,

well, except for the ones
who still smell
of the pig shit in their lives.

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2 Responses to Easter pews

  1. Stephen Price says:

    Dear God,
    Whenever I go to judge another
    please let the crusted over pig shit hidden in some crack or crease in my boots
    break open.
    May that whiff of stink remind me where I’ve been,
    where I came from by Your mercy,
    And call me to grateful repentance and grace toward those I would condemn. Amen

  2. Maren says:

    Amen, Stephen, amen.

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