March 15 – My thirty-fifth “ides” of ordination

On what authority do you,
an only child,
whose longtime partner
is an only child

write all this Lent long
about the relationship between siblings —

their love and hate,
anger, play, and loss,
responsibilities shirked and shared,
intricate connections like
a French knot of golden cord
or shackle iron?

I am tempted to reply –
I have observed our two children,
though I have been
often clueless
about what I was seeing,church door with rhododendrons

but I know the truth is —
I have so long lived out my heart
in the very strangest family,
here – the church.


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3 Responses to March 15 – My thirty-fifth “ides” of ordination

  1. mbmankin says:

    Maren, were you ordained on March 15? Congratulations on 35 years of blessing church families!

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you so much. yes, I was … a very long time ago! A cold day and I was so anti-eccesiastical that I would not let anyone wear robes (brr) and people were not identified by Rev. and everyone in the room participated in the laying on of hands. I was pretty wild in those days.

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