Prayer for Brussels

God, receive this our Tenebrae –
a light extinguished for Zaventem,
a light extinguished for Maalbeek,
each one darkening
the shadows of
Charleston, Umpqua and Paris,
San Bernardino, Kalamazoo,
and so many more.

We break the bread this week,
whispering —
we do this in remembrance
of those who died
in an airport, in a subway,
and to comfort those who mourn.

We lift the thursday cup
praying –
we do this and we do not forget
those who are injured,
frightened, in pain,
all emergency responders,
many who fear to travel.

The gifts of God for the people
of God.
Come, for all is ready,
and we are ready
to be in communion
with Muslim neighbors
who weep – this has nothing to do
with our Islam.

God, take our hands
along this Via Dolorosa,
help us to trust
that Easter shall come. Amen.

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5 Responses to Prayer for Brussels

  1. says:

    prayers, tears and more prayers……… Jesus continues to weep and reflect upon this tiny planet, “If only you knew what made for True Peace.” thank you Dear sister Maren.

  2. Nada Sellers says:

    Yes!! Thank you for this prayer.

  3. dabar96 says:

    Let us hold on, in this hell and high water, for the Easter garden, praying that the tomb – our tomb – will once again echo.

  4. Amen, Amen. May Easter draw us beyond our fear.

  5. Rev. R. Matthew Stevens says:

    There’s not much I could add to what’s already been written, accept to say again, “Thank you Maren – spot-on!”

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