Another resurrection appearance – in Lahore

And so he is walking
in the Gulshan Iqbal Park,

and he asks – do you love me?
And we answer — yes, we love you.
We have celebrated Easter
with bright alleluias,
lilies, sunrise services.

And he says,
grieve my children of Lahore,
who were swinging,
riding on amusement rides.

And he asks again, Christians
do you love me more
than people of my other faiths?

And we answer, –yes,
you know that we do –
we have churches and theology,
we pray,
and we work for justice.

He says, tend all my people
even in danger,
even those who are not like you,
even when you are confused.

And he asks a third time,
each one of us hears it
as if it is spoken in the heart,
and someone is leading us
where we do not want to go —
do you love me?

And we are hurt,
because we want to celebrate
our holiday or be angry
with an enemy.

But we say, you know everything,
you know that we love you.

And he says,
grieve my people of Lahore,
remember them today,
and wait for the hard and unexpected work
that is following me.

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9 Responses to Another resurrection appearance – in Lahore

  1. LL says:

    Prayers for all of our children . . . and Nigeria . . .

  2. I’m struck by how much worse Brussels was than the marathon bombing in Boston. 35 dead and still counting, nearly twice the wounded. And in Lahore, many times more. But if it isn’t about us, we are quick to turn our attention elsewhere, and to see this as our persecution, rather than as a suffering world.

  3. Merrie Allen says:

    Maren, you do just amazing things with words that capture our hearts, their emotion and attention. Thank you for all your posts. You are such a gift to us!

    Easter blessings, Merrie Allen

  4. Maren says:

    And Iskandariya in Iraq a tiny blip on the US news. That is so very sad.

  5. Thank you Maren. I’d like to read this before the prayers of intercession on Sunday, and will if time permits – but I do tend to have too much – have made arrangements for including Janet Marsh’s ‘Rehabilitation Thomas’ + getting the kids to each plant an Easter bulb in their own pot.

  6. Maren says:

    You have amazing and busy services — but wonderful for folks. It is wonderful to have the bulb planting imagery in the southern hemisphere!

  7. Maren says:

    Natalie Sleeth the composer wrote it while her husband was terminally ill at his request. It was first played at his funeral — as a hopeful piece.

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