Prayers for Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

Thanks to Katherine Burgess for her prayer for the people of Fort McMurray, some 88,000 evacuated from their homes as the wildfires continue to burn. Cree and Chipewyan people evacuating since yesterday from Fort McMurray First Nation #468. Please join us in prayer.

Even as I rejoice in a new day, Lord,
My heart is in Alberta
Thinking about the residents of Fort McMurray
As they have left their homes
And their belongings behind
I celebrate with each post telling me
That someone is safe
But I grieve with each newscast telling me
That something else has been destroyed

I pray, Lord, that the weather may change
So that it will help
And not hinder
The firefighters
I pray that the people will be safe
And that they will soon
Be able to return home
And pick up the pieces
To start over again

I thank you, Lord,
For all who are helping
Whether they are fighting the fires
Offering hospitality to
Those escaping from the flames
Giving tangible aid in the form of
Money or needed supplies
Or doing anything else
Which will let the citizens
Know that we are thinking of them

Be with the people who live in Fort Mac
As well as all of us who love them
Keep them safe from harm
Give them the ability of the phoenix
To rise from the flames
More beautiful and stronger than ever

and my prayer…

Let this be a Pentecost without fire,
the metaphor of our quick bright celebrations,
and may we remember,
looking at the hungry flames
in Fort McMurray,
that the Spirit comes most often
in cool water, the courage of firefighters,
the patience of strangers
on all the long slow shared roads
of the unexpected
evacuations in our lives,

and words of kindness,
which are really what makes
everyone understand
in spite of all our differences —
good news can come
in the midst of fear and sorrow.

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One Response to Prayers for Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

  1. Rev. R. Matthew Stevens says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers.

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