For All the Saints — New Words for Memorial Day and similar occasions

Todd Jenkins offers words suggested by the familiar song for a poem on Memorial Day, all Saints Day, or the anniversary of a person’s death. Todd blogs here.

memoriam poss

As we once again enter the room called remember, the edge of earth and sky as clearly defined as ever, we pray you’ll grant us faith, O Lord, strong and flexible, to mortar the vast expanse between our tiny bricks of understanding.

For all the saints
who from this life now rest,
we give you thanks, O God,
for by them we are blessed.

When hate has been unleashed,
indifference unfurled,
into holy humus
their toes securely curled.

Inspired by burning bush
and heaven-descended dove,
they walked the path of grace
and lived sermons of love.

We speak their names aloud,
and breathe their memories, too;
open palms release them,
eternally to you.

For all the saints
who through our lives have trod,
we lift our hearts in praise,
and give you thanks, O God.

2016 Todd Jenkins

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