Three Prayers for the Morning

Many thanks to Dee Ledger of Maryland, US, whose beautiful prayers wake us up this morning, and thanks to her as well for sending some more prayers for this upcoming month when I will be recuperating from surgery.

Holy One, let this day be an offering to you. For the commuters trying to sip coffee, retrieve email, and walk to the subway stop all at the same time…may they slow down and lift their eyes. For harried mothers and pre-occupied fathers retrieving hats, daycare bags, briefcases and lost socks, may the morning go smoothly or, at least, not as difficult as yesterday. For the construction workers and architects crafting a vision in nail, metal, and wood, for the ones who arrive on the scene with backs aching from yesterday’s blueprints, may they be kept safe at dizzying heights. For the people carrying signs on the corner, both the ones advertising business competition and the ones gathering pocket change and kindness, may the long hours on their feet pass joyfully and with unexpected surprise. For the teachers and takers, for the garbage collectors and baristas, for the ones rising, the ones dying, and the ones who are just now wiping sleep from their eyes, for the ones who welcome this new day and those who do not, let there be the sound of peace. Amen.

Expand me, Oh God.
Let me feel your creative impulse
nudging me into a more spacious being.
Let the gaps of my understanding
be filled by your moving Spirit
that the walls and roadblocks
I have forged breathe little air shafts
of another new destiny,
porous, free-flowing,
spilling a “yes” over my heart
and a renewed love over all.
Expand me, oh God,
full to bursting
with possibilities that I could not see
before the choice to open.

Fill-in-the-Blank Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you.
Thank you for some quiet time today to read and to ponder
and to sit outside on the front stoop.
Thank you for the unspoken connections and relationships,
and especially for every moment that I resist obsessing or complaining or non-acceptance
of what is the reality of this day.
Thank you for this ministry in the making too.
Please, help me to see those those around the world who share a similar yearning ache
that I might not feel so alone,
For those with ____________, for those who have lost their voice,
and oh, for the wandering ones on the edges of my attention.
My heart is so full for the love of ________________
and shattered for all of those losses I cannot name—all of them.
Help me be strong and brave
And to live more deeply in You and in your commandments.
In the name of my brother Jesus,

Morning, the Sea of Galilee from the Mount of the Beatitudes

Morning, the Sea of Galilee from the Mount of the Beatitudes

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2 Responses to Three Prayers for the Morning

  1. Gail Orlando says:

    Thank you Dee Ledger, for these beautiful morning prayers. I have just read them at bedtime. Will read again in the morning and later share with my friend, when he comes home, so he may pray these prayers as well. Such good prayers to start the day with. The picture of: Morning, the Sea of Galilee from the Mount of the Beatitudes; is beautiful! Thanks again, Gail Orlando

  2. dee says:

    Thank you, Gail, for your encouragement and feedback! Wishing you and your friend a blessed day and week…

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