Words for a Seafarer

Thirty-year old Jake Carter, my parishioner, died last week of an overdose of painkilling medication. Jake was a fisherman. He fished anywhere and everywhere like his older brother Daniel who has worked New Zealand, Hawaii and Nantuckett and Nassau in a little over the last year. Jake was that guy who volunteered to get in the water and untangle the nets from the anchor when there were sharks all around.

When Jake lost the sight of one eye to cancer and his father at 60 to cancer and his career and the sea his loved, he became addicted. As his sister Lindsay said to me — his doctor was his dealer. Daniel wrote the following words for Jake. May they touch the seafarers in your lives

“It’s all about the moments” Captain Daniel Carter

Cloudy, Overcast and eerily quiet. A chilly fall day on the water. Relaxing and peaceful after a few late nights working the boat. All your worrys and concerns left back at the dock with the Gulls.
Ahead lies charted seas, known depths, named islands and unknown adventures to be explored.
You rock on anchor watching the waves roll by, their outlines roughened by the steady winds, their beauty enhanced by the grey cloak of an overcast New England day, only a local can truly enjoy.
The peaceful rhythm of waves slapping the hull are enhanced by the sounds of waves crashing ashore to windward.
For that one magic moment, when all the sights, sounds, and smells fall into place, you know, everything will be just fine. You are anchored safely in the lee of the island. Living and breathing that ocean life.
May you rest forever peaceful, swinging on anchor in that lee of the island, gently rocking as you watch that moment fall into place time, after time.
Love you Jake.

Maria picture from Hawaii

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One Response to Words for a Seafarer

  1. Pam says:

    So sweet and so sad!

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