From Argentina, reflection on Psalm 139, reflection on Orlando Florida

2000px-ICA_flag.svgGerardo Oberman of Argentina writes not only a reflection on Psalm 139 which speaks a clear word in the face of anti LGBTQI violence throughout the world, made so very clear in The Pulse nightclub brutality, but his reflection is more. It is the affirmation that God’s love surrounds and enfolds all of God’s children regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. First in Spanish, then in Kati Baruja’s translation.

“Tú me formaste en el vientre de mi madre…” (Salmo 139:13)

Me han dicho muchas veces
que soy una obra imperfecta, que soy anormal,
que me he desviado, que vivo en perversión,
que soy una abominación a tus ojos,
mi Dios creador.
Me han lastimado con esas frases
y muchas más que no me atrevo a contarte.
Me han herido con insultos, desprecios,
maltratos, golpes, negaciones, vejaciones…
Una, diez, cien veces me han matado.
Y en cada ocasión, miles aplaudían
y otros miles callaban,
incluso quienes se dicen tus hijos e hijas.
Me han odiado y me odian
por tratar de vivir libre, honesta y abiertamente
mi sexualidad.
En tu nombre me han condenado,
en tu nombre me han expulsado,
en tu nombre me han discriminado.
Y en tu nombre han cometido
toda clase de atrocidades
con quienes no queremos
que nos encierren en ningún closet.
Pero yo sé, materno Dios,
que tú me formaste
en el vientre de quien me dio la vida.
Maravillosamente me hiciste
y en tu corazón me pensaste gay.
A tu imagen y semejanza me hiciste:
lesbiana, gay, homosexual.
No hay ningún pecado
en vivir conforme a tu designio amoroso,
de acuerdo a tu perfecta obra en mí.
Quienes me odian y me condenan,
te odian y te condenan a ti;
quienes me lastiman y me matan,
te lastiman y te matan a ti;
quienes me miran y se burlan y me insultan,
se burlan de ti y te insultan a ti.
Yo te doy gracias, Dios de lo diverso,
porque me pensaste y me hiciste
tal como soy, a tu propia imagen.
“Te alabo porque estoy maravillado,
porque es maravilloso lo que has hecho.
¡De ello estoy bien convencido!” (Salmo 139:14)
Gerardo Oberman

“You formed me in my mother’s womb…” (psalm 139:13)

I’ve been told many times
that I’m an imperfect creation, that I’m not normal,
that I’ve turned away from the good path, that I live in perversion,
that I’m an abomination in your eyes,
o God my creator.
I have been hurt by those words
and many others that I don’t dare to tell you about.
They have hurt me with insults, put-downs,
mistreatment, punches, denials, humilliations…
Once, ten times, a hundred times they’ve killed me.
And every time, thousands applaud
and thousands more remain silent,
even those that call themselves your children.
They have hated me and they hate me
for trying to live my sexuality
freely, honestly and openly.
In your name they have condemned me,
in your name they have expelled me,
in your name they have discriminated against me.
And in your name they have committed
all kinds of atrocities
against those of us who don’t want them
to enclose us in any closet.
But I know, maternal God,
that you formed me
in the womb of the one who gave me life.
You made me marvelously
and in your heart you dreamed me up gay.
You made me in your image:
lesbian, gay, homosexual.
There is no sin
in living according to your loving design,
according to your perfect work in me.
Those who hate me and condemn me
hate you and condemn you;
those who hurt me and kill me
hurt you and kill you;
those who see me and mock me and insult me
mock you and insult you.
I give you thanks, o God of the diverse,
because you thought me up and you made me
just as I am, in your own image.
“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
that I know very well.” (Psalm 139:14)

Gerardo Carlos C. Oberman
Transl. Kati Baruja


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3 Responses to From Argentina, reflection on Psalm 139, reflection on Orlando Florida

  1. Rev. R. Matthew Stevens says:

    Words that have needed to be said for a long, long time. I particularly find these passages as insightful reminders to the Christian community in general: “You made me marvelously, and in your heart you dreamed me up gay. You made me in your image: lesbian, gay, homosexual.” I am so tired of churches that think the LGBTQ toleration is somehow an improvement over outright discrimination.

  2. Maren says:

    Matthew, it is so true. And a pretty honest look at Genesis will also show us that all of God’s people are in the image of God. Sometimes I find it odd that the same folks use Genesis 1 to proof text “creationism” but it doesn’t make them LGBTQ allies!

  3. Yanajpagan says:

    Beautifully written, thank you!

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