Supreme Court Decision on DAPA

Today my parents’ parents
have been sent home –
Astrid to Norway, Gunnar,
an economic immigrant, come to farm
good Minnesota land and fight
in the Civil War of a country
whose language he never learned,
also to Norway,
the Bougards clan from eastern Tennessee
back to France and certain death,
for they came fleeing
the persecution of Protestants,
Daniel to Germany
and some Hesse village
from which he was hired mercenary
to fight for England.

One by one, the ghosts of parents
of a United States citizen
are deported
by this nine word court decision,

and the possibility of me
is torn to shreds,
as shredded as
this country’s possibilities
to be called a place
where family matters,
a place of welcome,
of home, of ever new voices,

as torn from our hands
as the beautiful gifts
that will never be opened.

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5 Responses to Supreme Court Decision on DAPA

  1. ahuntca says:

    thank you for this reminder… blessings!

  2. Stephen Price says:

    Thank you for reminding us that each of us comes from a line of people who came here fleeing, seeking, hiding; searching for a new life.

  3. Titia Bozuwa says:

    This becomes very personal, doesn’t it? I was a legal immigrant, just lucky to be on the right list of names and countries. I have nothing over the mothers and fathers that fled poverty or whatever, who now face having to leave their children behind in a country that is turning xenophobic, while history shows that that has never made any country stronger…
    Thank you, Maren.

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