What’s wrong with the story? Luke 12: 16-21

I grew up in real barn country –
horse barns, cow barns,
hay barns, grain silos,

and, of course barn raising
when everyone came together
to build their neighbor a barn –
even a neighbor they didn’t know yet.

There would be so much food,
(I’d take a turn cranking away at
homemade ice cream)
and dancing on the new barn floor.

So I noticed first thing
what was wrong with this story –
the land owner is building alone,
for himself,
and it seems like all the
eating and drinking
and self-congratulating
is pretty lonely, too.

It is not big barns that are the problem.
In fact, when I look around
it seems like this earth
is the biggest barn there is.

And we might begin
to think about it that way.
Listen — I think I hear what is global
for fiddle music now,
and we will eat and drink together
and make very merry.

Our life is always demanded,
and there are treasures.

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1 Response to What’s wrong with the story? Luke 12: 16-21

  1. Lovely. Bulds to a fine end –

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