Your going out and your coming in …

Words for out going and coming — the going and coming of our churches, of our daily lives, of the occasions of our public life — from the United States political conventions to the hopeful athletes meeting in Brazil. These two pieces come from the 2013 Pilgrim Press book From the Psalms to the Cloud, edited by Maria Mankin and myself.Lynne Frith is from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Matthew Stevens is from Canada.

A Gathering Litany

In Aotearoa of the south
And Korea of the north,
In the east and in the west,
In all the countries from which we have come,
The name of God is echoed far.
In village, town and city,
In the places we call our home,
The name of God is echoed far.
On mountain tops,
In plains and valleys,
The name of God is echoed far.
In farmlands and in forests,
In marketplaces and in shopping malls,
The name of God is echoed far.
In committee meetings and in congress,
In casual conversations,
The name of God is echoed far.
In synagogue and mosque,
In temple and in church,
The name of God is echoed far.
In our longing for peace,
In our cries for justice,
In our hope for humankind to be as one,
The name of God is echoed far.
May all that we think and say and do, this day and every day
Echo the love and compassion of God. Amen.
©Lynne Frith2012.

Written for morning devotions on the second day of the 7th Congress of Asian Theologians, Seoul, Korea

Back to the world we left

(Please Note This commissioning and blessing is based upon the “Seven Grandfather Teachings” of the Anishinaabek people.)
As the Elders of ancient times taught our Elders:
May we act with Humility and Respect;
May the words we speak show Truth and Wisdom,
May our thoughts be Honest and Courageous; and;
May everything we think, say, and do,
be wrapped in unconditional

For in so doing please know that the peace of the Christ, the love of the Creator,
and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit
will abide with you. AMEN

Matthew Stevens

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