Brazil, 2016


This Olympics whispers
the spirit of Mohammed Ali.

This Olympics fields
a team of ten refugees –
runners, judoka, swimmers,
born in Syria, Somalia,
all over the globe,
united under the Olympic flag.

This Olympics simplifies
the extravagance
of opening ceremonies
so food and shelter is not taken
from those who are hungry,
but throws a party as only
cariocas can do.

This Olympics cares
as people take responsibility for
the safety of those
who will be mothers.

This Olympics follows tradition —
of games the world plays,
a parade of athletes
nation by nation,
alphabetically in the host’s language,
a release of doves, remembering
in ancient times pigeons
would carry the news of winners
to those who wait at home.

As always, as now, we are ready.
Light the torch.

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