Collect for the Games – Rio, 2016

God of play,
who lets the stars compete for brightness
but celebrates how they all shine,

who laughs at the cheetah’s run
and the tree frog’s jump,

whose gymnasts are starlings
and schools of butterfly fish in coral,

who was Word creating
sand, starfish, spitting clams,
and a future with beach volleyball,
all in the same breath,

whose tortoise knows
the very best use of the discus,

bless these games with
joyin competition,
celebration of all skills,
community across nations,
global recognition of refugees,
safety in the crowds,
health for those who are pregnant,
and a promise fulfilled
of clean water for all cariocas.


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4 Responses to Collect for the Games – Rio, 2016

  1. Thank you, I’ll use it this Sunday

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you, rosalie.

  3. Elsa M Marshall says:

    Beautiful Maren. Thank you. You express my deep place of gratitude and desires so perfectly and poetlcally. I love your sharing your great talents and gifts with us. Elsa

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