My favorite number

May “those first amendment people”
do something about us all,
before and after any election –

so we can pray in safety – on Sunday
or Friday or Saturday,

speak with freedom, read and listen to news
that is collected, searched out, dug deeply for
by those who love
truth more than ratings,

gather in peace to name our causes
the popular and the unpopular ones,

even seek aid from the government
for wrongs done to ourselves
and to others.

I admit to being
delighted by the third amendment
since I rarely can make a decent dessert
for expected company,
much less quarter soldiers,

and I am fourth-pleased
that my home won’t be searched
without warrant and probable cause,
for I am embarrassed
by how I let the dust bunnies multiply.

I’ve noticed “those
second amendment people”
rarely act for anyone but themselves,

but I do applaud
the not-so-hidden-threat
of “those” the first amendment folks –
to make a difference
for us all.

(These numbers relate to the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution and this lightly written reflection relates to Republican candidate Donal Trump’s most recent gaffe/threat/mistake/evidence of inhumanity )

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