A confession — stifling imagination

Prayer of Confession

God we confess that we stifle our imaginations
and the imaginations of others:

We value productivity over prayer,
personal training over play.

We become addicted to the gifts of technology
and choke daydreaming hours with app and twitter.

We boast of our busy retirements, organize our vacations,
and are embarrassed by our hobbies.

We do not walk the beach without a pedometer or
stay up for the Perseids without a camera.

We remove art and music and theatre from schools,
handing our children snake-education
when they want to fish for possibilities.

We ignore slashed subsidies to artists and programs
that nurture economically diverse audiences.

We stop going to museums; we leave singing to the choir,
and watercolor, poems and fanfic to the talented …
and children are learning from us.

Heal us, hope us, help us when we shrivel all our horizons. Amen.

*Assurance of Grace

God who rebukes images when they become graven and sent Jesus with the time-wasting riddles we call parables, challenges us. Forgiveness is possible and the Perseids can be seen tonight.

NASA, public domain

NASA, public domain

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One Response to A confession — stifling imagination

  1. dee says:

    Starring this…so good.

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