You are the one! (2 Samuel 12)

Somebody find a prophet to tell a parable
about two countries –
one rich and one poor.

The rich country had many times
hosted the Olympics
but Rio de Janeiro
threw a brave and beautiful party
this first time
and was so proud of it,
celebrated for global generosity,
and even through hard times
brought welcome to all.

A hooligan from the rich country,
was so puffed up by twelve crowns,
he thought
it gave him and his friends the right
to urinate on that party
and vandalize property,
to tell lies, buy their way out
of consequences, run away,

and apologize so slightly
it is as if all the rest of the world
is meant for
ewe-lamb-taking, mockery
and defacing.

To be perfectly honest –
they might have behaved the same way,
drunk, in the middle of the night
in an American gas station —

doubly shame on us
for we are their teachers,
and we never muster
an ounce of Nathan among us all.

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4 Responses to You are the one! (2 Samuel 12)

  1. Well said, Maren. I think the general disparagement of Rio in the press before the games, has been proved wrong, and puts us to shame. It was a cultural equivalent of Ryan Lochte and his friends urinating on the gas station.

  2. Maren says:

    Amen — from the water, to the less-than opening ceremony to the Zika virus it was so unkind. It was permission-giving for their behavior.

  3. Maren, “You are the One! You are the one who tells it like it is! Good message.

  4. Maren says:

    Thank you, Cleo. My parishioner who works a camera often at the Olympics (at woman’s volleyball) returned home to say that Rio was the most incredibly hospitable place.

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