“All Through the Night” a hymn after tragedy

“All Through the Night” words (C) Copyright 2016 by Randy K. Hammer

-Tune: Finlandia

All through the night to God I raise my pleadings;
through tears of pain I suffer through the hours.
How long, O Lord, I cry and often wonder,
shall violent men their hateful deeds impart?
And evil win over the good that men do?
And senseless killing rage throughout the land?

At break of dawn I lift my eyes and sunward;
and see the rays roll back the clouds of gloom.
A gleam of hope shines through to give assurance
that kindly deeds shall in the end prevail!
That humankind can someday live together
in perfect peace and harmony and love.

“All Through the Night” was inspired by the 2016 Orlando nightclub massacre.

As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of the tragedy of September 11, 2016, I am mindful that this song of Randy’s (who is known by so many as the “Reflective Naturalist” for his brilliant photography) may be sung on the occasion of remembering many events in which human cruelty has broken many hearts.

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3 Responses to “All Through the Night” a hymn after tragedy

  1. beautiful – indeed we are seeking….

  2. Robert Marrone says:

    We sang this hymn in worship on Sunday, September 18 at Union Congregational Church in Peterborough, NH. We are deeply grateful!

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