Prayer for Travellers from Aotearoa

Rosalie Sugrue of Aotearoa / New Zealand writes this prayer for travelers, and it is a prayer for those who are heading out to drive or fly or walk or roll or those whose journey is far more interior.

God, who inspires, we thank you for poetry that grounds our being while giving flight to our souls. We reflect with the psalmist who reminds us that…
If I take the wings of the dawn
And settle at the farthest limits of the sea,
Even there your hand shall guide and protect me. [Ps 139:9-10]

God, whose glory fills creation, we give thanks that you are with us wherever we go or stay. IMG_1039Whatever our state of mobility we are all on a journey. We all seek adventures to share and listeners who care. Keep us alert to finding good in every place and God in every face.

May all who travel with you feel your presence and stay sustained by the deep knowing of whatever happens we are not alone.
At this time we… (particularly ask a blessing on the journey of our friend/s __ ) or
(give particular thanks for the safe return of our friend/s __ )
In the name of the itinerant Jesus, the Pilgrim Christ. Amen


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2 Responses to Prayer for Travellers from Aotearoa

  1. My thanks to those who not only read but ‘like’ – encouragement is always cheering

  2. Maren says:

    And many more “like” who do not click the button!!!

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