Morning and Evening Prayer

Katherine Burgess writes this of herself as a brief bio for a book in which her work is included, A Child Laughs — Prayers of Hope and Justice, ed by Maria Mankin and Maren Tirabassi, forthcoming from Pilgrim Press.

“I am the minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Quebec City. Prior to ministry, I was taught – at different times – French, Music, English Language and Literature. As a minister, I’m still a teacher, but with a different focus. I live in this beautiful walled city with my husband, Keith, and our large dog, Bella. Writing has always been part of my life.”

Katherine shares her wonderful prayers on Facebook and I asked to share a morning and an evening prayer today for my Thursday guest post. Her words are for all of us.

When I was a child, I was taught a Morning Offering, which I said every day. As an adult, in a different denomination, I still say a morning offering, but it is different from the one I used to say, and, indeed, it can differ every day. On this day, I share with you my morning offering.

Loving God, I offer you this day
All of my thoughts
All of my words
All of my deeds
May everything I do
Be to your glory
May my actions reflect
Your actions
As I move through
This day
May every word I speak
Honour you
May I guard my speech
So that nothing is said
Which has the potential
To hurt another
May every thought I have
Reflect your thoughts
So that throughout the day
I may always be focused on you
And practicing your presence
Every single minute
And, Lord, at the end of the day
May I be able to look back
And say with you
It was good
It was very good

And for the evening:

Tonight, I will be flying home, Lord,
For just a little while
I will be soaring above the earth
Trusting in the pilot
And the people who built and serviced the plane
To get me there safely

And, since I can do nothing but sit there,
I will talk to you
I will bring to you
My joys and my sorrows
My hopes and my fears

Even though you know them already
It still feels good to tell you about them
The little things that brought happiness
During this day
The times I was conscious of your presence
The times I felt joy with others

And let us not forget those times
When I looked for you
But didn’t see you
Those times when I wondered
Where you were
Even though I felt alone
I know that you were with me
If I had just changed my focus

So, as I travel tonight
Help me to feel you in the seat beside me
Accompanying me on my journey
As you accompany me through every day
Help me to hear your voice
Even over the flight attendant’s warnings
Help me to see you
In my fellow travelers
And, at journey’s end
Help me to sleep surrounded by your love

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5 Responses to Morning and Evening Prayer

  1. I will be flying tomorrow, for the first time in well over a year, and this time alone, for the first time in many years; I will print off your lovely words and take them with me, thank you.

  2. Maren says:

    Go safely and with joy, Rosalie.

    • I did thank you – kindness abounded, first from a succession of youngish men, one indicating it would be Ok for me to use the airbridge rather than the gangway steps at my end of the plane, another who stowed my bag and stick, the one next to me who gave reassurance that I could send a text while the plane was on the tarmac; another who offered to carry my pack rather than me wear it, yet another who accompanied me to the city bus when I asked directions, and a young Asian woman beside me in the bus who offered to use her phone to find what stop I should alight from.

  3. Steffie Kyte says:

    What beautiful, comforting prayers. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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